Red People Artist was established on 1st January 2014. The main purpose of the company is to unite all online celebrities in Malaysia and at the same time, providing a fair and open platform for its in-house artists to perform business and commercial transactions. Not only that, Red People Artist also intends to nurture these young talents and aims to guide them to the mainstream media in the future.

Malaysia ranked in second behind Thailand in terms of Internet freedom in Southeast Asia. The mainstream media and TV channels in Malaysia are strictly controlled and this has given opportunity and more space to the Internet channel to become more prominent among Malaysian. This led to some young internet users becoming very famous and gathering up to hundred thousands of fans and followers on the Internet.


Among them some have attractive looks, some chose to voice out their opinion without fear through internet while others are users with young and creative mind. The main difference between these young talents and mainstream artists are that they’re ‘born’ as a result of recognition from the internet users. Therefore, any comments spoken out or any photo shared by these online celebrities gains the attention of the public rapidly and becomes the talk of all parties.

At the end of 2013, Red People Artist embarked on its challenge in gathering all online celebrities in Malaysia for the purpose of carrying an integrated marketing and providing assistance to those who are gifted by nurturing their talents which also helps the company to grow further. Currently there are more than 30 online celebrities in Red People Artist such as creative singer, songwriter, director and actor Namewee, international tattoo artist Kinki Ryūsaki, movie star Cathryn Lee, singer Joyce Chu, Michiyo Ho, Stella Chen, Jimmy Tan, Charles Tee and many more.

Red People Artist has more than 8 million combined-fans on Facebook and 5 million combined-fans on Instagram. The numbers of Facebook fans alone are equivalent to 55% of total internet users in Malaysia. Not only that, Red People Artist’s YouTube channel are also the fastest growing YouTube channel in Malaysia with more than 260,000 subscribers in just two years. Within that two years, Red People Artist’s YouTube channel recorded a shocking 78 million views on all its production works.

RED PEOPLE ARITIST 成立於2014年1月1日. 目的是為了整合馬來西亞網路紅人的勢力, 讓這群在網路上爆紅的素人有一個公平公正公開的商業交易的平台. 然後將他們包裝之後端上主流媒體的舞台.

馬來西亞的網路自由度堪稱東南亞第二, 緊跟在泰國之後. 由於主流媒體遭到嚴格控管反而讓網路更有發揮的空間. 一群網路上的素人就這樣在短短幾年內瞬間爆紅, 有的累積了至少十萬人次以上甚至五十萬人次以上的人追蹤和關注.

他們有的外表亮麗, 有的敢怒敢言, 有著新新人類的思維和創意. 然而他們跟主流藝人的差異在於, 他們都是被網民以及大眾力捧出來的”紅人”. 因此他們所發表的一切言論, 照片, 影片便更快引起大眾的討論和共鳴.

RED PEOPLE公司在2013年底便開始大刀闊斧的召集這一群紅人, 決定進行整合式的行銷, 商業化的經營, 甚至重點栽培, 以協助紅人們在事業上更上一層樓. 目前RED PEOPLE公司旗下有超過30名的著名網路紅人,包括了—: 鬼才創作人Namewee黃明志、紋身界女王Kinki Ryusaki、著名影星李元玲、Joyce四葉草、 Michiyo何戀慈、Stella 曾樂晴、Jimmy陳吉米、Charless Tee等等.

FB擁有超過800萬的粉絲群. Instagram 擁有500萬粉絲群. 粉絲人數據了FB在馬來西亞55%的使用用戶. 馬來西亞成長最快的Youtube頻道—2年累積了260,000++人關注. 目前影片累積點閱次數為—78,000,000++瀏覽次數!!!!